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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

Our company services glass garage door panels at low cost

If you want an honest opinion about our garage door repair services, read the following testimonials. They are written by our clients

When Buying a New Garage Door

I recently decided to replace my old wooden garage door with a new automatic steel one. I was not a fan of garage doors until this decision, and I never realized that there are so many choices and options. For me it was like choosing a new laptop or a new car, having to consider a lot of types, specs, even color. It sounded like a tedious task at first, but thanks to garage door repair Freeport, the entire process was very easy and even fun. They made sure that I chose the perfect garage door for my home and my needs. True enough, I got just that.

All-around Garage Door Services

Some companies offer limited services and it can get rather difficult looking for a service company providing for all our needs. Luckily I found garage door repair Freport online. They are like a supply store and a service center combined into one, having all the garage doors, parts, replacements, and services available with just one call. Whenever I have any problems with my garage door, I give them a call and they have never failed to deliver, whether it’s a simple part replacement or a major repair. Also, they are always available for routine check-ups, cleaning, and maintenance to keep my garage door in perfect working condition.

Fast and Precise Panel Replacement

Two of the panels of our garage door were damaged. They didn't only affect the aesthetic appeal of the entire garage door, but they also posed a risk as burglars could take advantage of it to gain entry to our home. This is why we enlisted the help of Garage Door Repair Company in Freeport. They brought the panel replacement when they arrived to our place and had it installed fast and accurately. I liked that they didn’t waste any time and proceeded quickly in having the job done without sacrificing quality. The service cost was also reasonable; just right for the job done.

Replaced rusty garage door parts

I called Garage Door Repair Freeport to report that my overhead door was quite noisy for some time and I needed someone to take a look to find the source of it all. As it turned out the noise was coming from various rusty garage door parts, which had to be replaced. The job was perfectly completed. I also liked that the tech took measurements of the components and returned soon to replace them. He checked the movement of the door several times and lubricated the parts thoroughly. He was terrific!

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